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Who I am


Welcome to the home of a dreamer. When I was 16, the personal home page was a very personal space, people used to create pages to express their dreams, communicate, share, and possibly to hook somebody up. Today, the major guest is Google, not people, visibility is the goal, communication must be fast and possibly make money out of it, the main concern is ot privacy.

Writing is old-fashoned. New media rule the communication, social media arethe only things that matter because there is where people go. Yet, even social media are subject to fashon. Old-school web sites are just old-fashone. So, why this site exists?

That's simple: because I'm a nostalgic. I want to give the power back to the content. Nowadays, Youtube is uploaded with 4 hours of content every second. Most of these contents are probably redundant, have limited interest or usefulness. Many content creators, today as then, put great effort in their job, giving real extra value to the topic.

That's what I aim to, regain the chance to focus on topics, going down to details investing the needed time in it.

I grew up in the'80s, I was given my gifted my first computer, a Commodore Amiga 500, in December 1987, and it was love at first sight. I witnessed unimaginable changes. Here I'm trying to collect my thought, to organise them. I tell the little I have learned and that I think might turn useful to somebody, more or less the way it used to be in 1996 when people created web ages on Geocities.

Today, I work as a software developer, so my contributions often revolve around the computer world, with a focus on the past era. The present is already available at Google.

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